Monday, 5 October 2015


Bolo is a text to speech application. It utilize the default TTS engine of Android. It can convert the text from editText view, text from clipboard and text from any text file into speech. In this application I used following:

Service class
TextToSpeech class
Runnable interface
Handler class
ClipboardManager, ClipData, ClipData.Item
FileInputStream, InputStreamReader, BufferedReader

I also follow OOP rules in this app. EditText data, ClipBoard data and File data all there types of data are managed in its own separate classes.


Likho is a small note taking application. You can add, edit, delete and search your notes. This app is based on SqLite database. In this application I used following:

Runnable Interface
Handler class
POJO DAO(Data Access Object)
DataSource Object
DialogFragment with custom Layouts
Custom ArrayAdapter

I also design the icon and splash screen image of this app using PhotoShop.